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Remodel of FUJIMI 1/24 scale Enthusiast model Series Lamborghini Countach LP400
How to build Lamborghini Countach LP500 Prototype
Step 4: Interior

Special Transmission Tunnel

I cut off the big transmission tunnel of the kit, and covered unnecessary areas for LP500 prototype with the plastic board.

I filled up the margin area for adjustable sheets and the slits for behind window shields with a plastic board, because those are unnecessary for LP500 prototype.

I modeled the transmission tunnel for LP500 prototype. Twin switches panel are attached at the tip.
and I converted the form of side panels.

Other Parts

I build the some parts.
Switch panel of transmission tunnel Side panels

Pedals Shift knob and boot

Special Sheets
The sheet design of LP500 prototype is very square. I scratch build this parts from plastic board.

I carved grooves that used as seam of sheet. and bent the plastic board in the form of sheet.

I added side parts and beams to it.

I inserted the sheets on the cabin and put epoxy putty on the gaps between those and transmission tunnel. And I modeled epoxy putty like side support cushions. For certain reasons, I cut headrests.

I attached the cushions inside the seams and it was completed.

The color of cabin seems to be black. I set it to brownish black in order to respect the atmosphere of the faded color photo.

I made the floor carpets from felt, and were put on cabin.

I painted and put the special sheets on cabin. I gave them gloss a little to replicate the feel of leather.

Finishing touches the Dashboard
The color of dashboard is brighter than cabin color. It is proved from the difference of the shade of the tone of dashboard and cabin in a monochrome photo.

I painted yellow and orange to the dummy display panel of meters box top.

Those are meters, passenger panel and acrylic clear cover. The meters do not have dial.

I put them to the dashboard. The color of glove box is dark gray.

I inserted the engine starter key in ignition keyhole.

The equipment in the left of meter box is hazard display panel. There were body drawing or dummy mirror in it. I put a body drawing in this time.

Finished the Interior
The interior of LP500 prototype is a novel and quite unconventional design even now.

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