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Aoshima 1/24 Itasha series No.1
Step by step report the Itasha Mazda RX-7(FD) "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya"
Step 6 : Painting the Body and Applying the Decal

Foundation Painting

Painted the surface primer to the body. Masked the the upper part of fender, and sandblasted the dark surface primer with an airbrush.

The undercoat was replicated.

Paint the Body

First, I airbrushed the Foundation Blue.

Second, I airbrushed the Seaside Blue.

Airbrushed the door and window frames.

Apply the Decal

This decal is smooth because it is silkscreen print. On the other hand, this is so easy to be see-through. Therefore a color of part that the illustration decal is lying on top of "H" logo. is different from other part. (Left picture is prototype model.)

I made the block copy of the foundation white decal for the illustration decal with a drawing software.

Printed the foundation white decal with the Alps MD printer.

Applied the foundation white decal on the "H" logo., and cut off the piled up part.

Applied the illustration decal of Haruhi Suzumiya.

I used the Mazda emblem printed with Alps MD printer because the emblem decal of the kit has weak metallic brightness and the size is slightly small.

Clear Painting and Polishing

I used a urethane clear paint.
First painting. Urethane clear does not dissolve decal. It seems to be a water-soluble acrylic paint. This clear paint completely hardens after 72 hours.

After harden, sandpapered the surface with #1500 - 2000 sandpaper to plane the difference of decals.

Second painting and polishing with a compound after harden. It became well-polished body!

Masked the the upper part, and sandblasted a lacquer clear paint to make distinctly the undercoat.

Masked the blue body area, and painted the semi-gloss clear paint to the door and window frames, and painted the semi gloss black paint to the lip spoiler and front combination lamp frames.


The seam of white foundation white decal and "H" logo completely disappeared.

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