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Aoshima 1/24 Itasha series No.1
Step by step report the Itasha Mazda RX-7(FD) "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya"
Step 5 : Painting and Assembling the Chassis

Painting the Chassis

Airbrushed the foundation blue. Next, airbrushed the Sea side blue (metallic blue). Masked on the blue area, and airbrushed other paints.

Airbrushed to the engine,transmission and a radiator.

I used the Gaia Color Star Bright Metallic Series (special metallic color paint) and Metallic Master (special thinner for metallic paint) from Gaianotes.

Painted the shadow to the the press lines.

Suspension System

Drybrushed a silver paint to the parts a little.

Front and rear suspension systems were finished.

Muffler (Silencer)

Airbrushed to the muffler.

Shaved thinly the thickness of the muffler cutter. And airbrushed the ALCLAD II lacquer color 107 Chrome to them.

Suspension systems and muffler were put to the Chassis.

The wheel of this model is the WedsSport SA-70 18inch Blue light chrome.
However, the wheel of the kit is normal chrome plating. I modelled this parts on real wheel as possible.

Masked the wheels except the outer rim.

Airbrushed the Sea side blue (metallic blue).

.Peel a masking tape from the wheels.

Airbrushed the clear blue.

I replicated the logos "WedsSport" and "SA-70".
I used the decal that was included the "1/24 S Parts Series".

Put the decals to the blue line.

Chassis was finished

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