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The following Japanese famous hobby stores are written in English and can ship to oversea!
SWEET Aviation Model Div., 1/144 Scale Model Kit

Work Date : August 2003

I remodeled the figure of pilot cat "Lucky-kun" so that the head moves. He can look back as you see. I made the flight deck by carving some ditches on the plastic board.


Moto-Tug is the scratch build model. It can be chosen the forward towing or reverse one by exchanging the towing rod.

About GM FM-2 Wildcat

F-4F installed the high power and light weight new engine to compete with Zero fighter during the Pacific War. The new model was called XF4F-8. The model was mass-produced by automobile manufacturer General Motors(GM) because Grumman was very busy with the production of new fighter F6F Hellcat. The model that was produced by GM was called "FM-2". As for FM-2, 4000 or more sets were produced in two years from 1943, and were carried to Casablanca-class Escort Carriers that were built 50 fleets in one year in same year. They fought well in Pacific every place.
About this model kit

SWEET Aviation Model Div., is the Japanese small maker founded by the former employee of Tamiya. Although this small maker's aircraft models are small scale 1/144, the quality is great! You will be surprised at the super details and highly precise parts, if you see the mold of this product. FM-2 is the 3rd item that was released by SWEET. The price in Japan is 1,000 yen 2 kits in one box, and is $16.00 in North America.
In this time, I customized this FM-2 model into folding wings type and scratch build the Moto-Tug. The source of this idea is Tamiya 1/48 Vought F4U-1D Corsair w/"Moto-Tug. I added the comical cat figures that are appendix of the kit to this diorama. It is mysterious that comical figures are added in aircraft model. Why is it? Because this comics are drawn on this box art.
Cute girl and comical cat crews... Her name is "NASA-chan" and the black cat name is "Lucky-kun". They are the mascot characters of SWEET. Although this picture is not suitable to the package art of scale model, it is not necessarily absurd in Japan. Model, comic and animation(cartoon), they have a close relation in culture and commercially in Japan. This comic package was designed from such a background. In fact, The sales of this maker's products were extended twice since the box arts were changed into this design. This mind may be difficult to understand in overseas people(especially Europeans and Americans) because it is the original culture of Japan which is an animation and comic advanced country :-) This is the model that symbolizes Japanese model culture even if it is good or bad. Of course, it is an ordinary scale model if comical figures are not added.

How to build GM FM-2 Wildcat
Step 1: Customizing to folding wings FM-2

Step 2 : Modeling of Accessories etc...

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