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How to build SWEET 1/144 scale GM FM-2
Step 1, Customizing to folding wings FM-2

Customizing to Section of the wings

I cut the wings along fold line. Next, shaved the section of the panel thinly, and molded the internal framework by plastic sheet etc. The parts of this kit are joined exactly. The crevices are not produced at all. Therefore the parts cannot be well attach by genera glue for plastic model. we had better use extra thin glue to it.

I painted navy color and attached decal sheet, after erasing the junction marks of parts. This coloring is VC-80, CVE-61, USS Manila Bay. After it dried, I coated a semi-gross clear spray on it.

I poured in the extra thin shade color on the panel lines. Furthermore I painted the oil stain and yellowish color etc.

Remodeling canopy by heat press
The canopy was changed to opened condition. I cut canopy from the movable part and remade the back part with heat pressed polyvinyl chloride sheet.

Completion of folding wings FM-2
Propeller, landing gear, wings, drop tanks and antenna line etc... each parts were attached and it was completed. The wings were fixed stoutly by 0.5mm brass line. Browning machine guns were exchanged to 0.4mm brass tubes, Pitto tube was exchanged to 0.3mm brass line.

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