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How to build SWEET 1/144 scale GM FM-2
Step 2, Modeling of Accessories
I build Moto-Tug, Cat figures, Diorama base in this step.

Drawing a Plan

I draw the plan of 1/700 scale Moto-Tug. I scratch built the parts based on this.

Scratch built of Moto-tug
I scratch built the Moto-tug with plastic sheet. The engine and gear box were diverted from the junk parts. The steering is a brass line. The rear wheels were diverted from the center parts of wheel of WTM. The press lines of bonnet were molded with masking tape.

Modeling of Towing Wires

I modeled towing wires with brass line. The left wires\ is for forward towing, The right is for reverse towing. Each wires are attached to main landing gears and tail wheel.

Completion of Moto-Tug
I attached the front and rear hauling hooks stoutly. Next, painted it and Moto-Tug was completed. The side of Moto-Tug is 1 yen coin. The diameter of this coin is 2cm(about 0.8 inches). You may be able to understand how small this model is.

Modeling of Cat figures
I cut the head of the cat figure "Lucky-kun" and it can move by putting a shaft into inside, and molded the pilot suit by epoxy putty. Next, I converted cat crew to the pose that is driving a Moto-tug and also remold his tail like a 3D. I added mustache to them because their face looked like a pig. ;-)

Modeling of Flight Deck Base
Although I do not know in detail, the paint color of Casablanca-class Escort Carriers may be Major 22 camouflage color. I carved ditchs on the plastic board by cutter knife and painted the color that mixed Navy Blue and Gray on it. The flight deck is painted with the color that differs barely 1 sheet of each. If you see the lower left picture well you will understand.

This work became a different impression from ordinary scale model diorama because comical cat figures were added. I thought that such works were also pleasant.

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