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Remodel the Tamiya 1/24 scale Sports Car Series, Mitsubishi GTO
Mitsubishi GTO (3000GT VR-4) Glass Top 1992 Making Report
Step 5: Replicate the Seat belts

Rear Seat Belt

I diverted "Seat belt set for 1/20 F-1 model" from Modeler's to the seat belts of Mitsubishi GTO.

I scratch build the buckles of sheet belts. Rear buckles were put to the central holes of rear sheet.

Front Seat Belt

Seat belt anchor was put to the floor panel.

In the case of real car, seat belt leader is put to B pillar. But naturally enough, Tamiya kit is not replicated B pillar of interior.

Such a reason, I replicated the B pillar of interior and seat belt leader.

B pillar was put on cabin and passed a front seat belt through the leader.

Furthermore, front seat belt was passed through the leader of headrest and hanged it on shoulder pad.
Front seat belt was completed.


Two aromatics were put on both sides of the rear seat.

I replicated those aromatics. Parched a clear runner with a fire, and fastening the part near the root tightly.

Formed a shape of the bottle by sandpapered, polished with a compound, and painted them green yellow.

The aromatic substance was completed putting up the cap to the bottle.

The interior was completed putting up the front buckles finally.

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