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Remodel the Tamiya 1/24 scale Sports Car Series, Mitsubishi GTO
Mitsubishi GTO (3000GT VR-4) Glass Top 1992 Making Report
Step 4: Instrument panel
The following image is the instrument panel of my friend's Mitsubishi GTO.

The equipments such as car stereos and navigation system are not original of GTO. They are the equipments that were changed since he owns this car. I also replicated these.


I copied the decal sheet with color photocopier, and pasted a scotch tape on the meter panel picture. Scotch tape imitates a clear acrylic cover of meter panel.

Meter panel picture was cut out from the copy paper, and pasted to dashboard with a double-stick tape. This way is realer than the way pasting decal directly.

The same method cannot be used for triple meters of central console because they are too small. I pasted decals of a triple meter, and coated clear color on them.

The upper box of 2 Din box is a CD/MD deck, and the lower box is a car navigation system. CD/MD deck was drawn with PC, and was printed out. Car navigation system was scratch build with a plastic sheet.

Steering Wheel

My friend bundles up a lot of keys on a key ring. I replicated these (Black resin head covered key is ignition key), and an ignition key cylinder.

Turbo timer is put on the steering wheel column. I replicated it with a plastic sheet.

Gearshift (Gear Lever)

Left image is the gearshift of Mitsubishi GTO. The center of shift boots is dented, and shift rod inclines to the left a little.

But the gearshift of Tamiya model kit is not copied this shape.

I remade the shift rod cover of epoxy patty.

Car Navigation Monitor

I scratch build the on dash type car navigation monitor and the catch stay with a plastic sheet.

It put on the dash board after painting.
The electric cable was wired along a center console, and put out to under the floor

I replicated the caution sticker of monitor reverse side. Moreover, I replicated the beacon receiver on dashboard.

I scratch build the tweeters and put on bothside of dashboard.
GPS antenna for car navigation system was replicated.

Smoke pot was replicated.

The instrument panel was completed.

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