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How to build Mitsubishi A6M2B Zero Fighter Type 21

Step 5: Wings and Painting 2

Panel line

I did weathering wash to create the best looking panel lines. This wipe off tool is "G-06 Finish Master" from Gaianotes. It is the material such as the cigarette filter, and very nice tool! Unfortunately, it is released only in Japan now.

Cowling Flaps

Cowling flaps parts are designed to attached to the engine cowling. However, the real cowling flaps are installed to the engine.

I replicated this design. Cut the glue tubs and put some brass lines.

Painted the cowling flaps and attached to the rear cowing flame.

Capped the engine. Good fitting!

Wing Tips (folding type)

Shortened the hinge a little, and added sub hinges.

Added the cable of fishing line, and attached the copied wing tip.

Test assemble.

Landing Gears

Added the cover arm to the landing gear cover.

Wired the brake cable.

Added the mesh and fin into the cooler air intake.

Painted the weathering lightly.


Airbrushed the canopy flame. First German gray, second surface primer, third gray green. I replicated inside color of canopy flame.

Opened position.

Closed position.

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