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Finemolds 1/72
How to build Mitsubishi A6M2B Zero Fighter Type 21

Step 6: Display Base

Carrier Crew

Cut and dismantle some 1/72 scale figures. And collected those body parts into a pose less figure.

Molded a crew's uniform of epoxy putty.

Made a rubber cast of crew, and reproduced them.

Cut the each joints and remodeled into the action posed crews.

Crew figures were finished.


I scratched build the engine cowling stand. This is my original design. I referred to the engine block stand which is bundled into Takara 1/48 A6M5 Zero Fighter Type 52.(Takara Hobby. com)

This is a step for engine maintenance.

Then tool boxes.

Maintenance tools.

Wheel chocks.

Display Base
I used a photo stand that I get at a DIY store.

Paint quality of the frame is poor. I removed paint with a sandpaper. I repainted a urethane varnish.

The marking of this Zero fighter model is NAP3/C Tetsuzo Iwamoto A.C. I scratched build the fright deck of IJN carrier Zuikaku 1942 for this reason.

Pasted a screen tone of the line pattern on the surface as a guide, and carved the joints of wooden board.

Masked and airbrushed the wooden boards with different colors one by one.

Did weathering wash with shadow paint.
Flight deck was finished.

Finished modeling!
I needed four months for the completion of this model, and enjoyed that time. It was a really great model kit!

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