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Modify the Imperial Crest

the Imperial crest (depicting a chrysanthemum with sixteen open petals) was attached to the bow of the IJN warships. It is a symbol of Imperial Japan, and is the good point of ships model. But the Imperial crest part of 1/700 scale ships model is too thick. It is like an bottle cap. If this part is modified thinly, it will become cool.

Modify the Thickness of Imperial Crest

Filed the the backside of Imperial crest part.

Original part (left) and modified part (right).
The thickness became about 1/3. It became cool by only this work.

Special Painting (Candy Paint)
The Imperial crest becomes more cool by the special paint technique (candy paint).

Coated the Gundam Marker Plated Silver to the Imperial crest part.

Overcoated the clear yellow on the plated silver color with an airbrush.

Shade the Imperial crest.
Diluted enamel black paint with thinner, and poured shadow paint into the mold.

Normal thickness and painted with normal gold color (left), Modified thickness and painted with special paint (right). I think there is no comparison between the two.

This model is super detailed Aoshima 1/700 IJN CV Soryu.

(First edition: Oct 26, 2000)
(Revision edition: Aug 17, 2007)

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