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Remodel the Tamiya 1/24 scale Sports Car Series, Mitsubishi GTO
Mitsubishi GTO (3000GT VR-4) Glass Top 1992 Making Report
Step 8 : Detail Parts

Side Marker Lamp

I shaved off the side marker lamps molded to the body.
Cut a plastic sheet to shape of waterdrop, and paint the surface in silver, section in black.
An epoxy glue was piled up on those surface.
After they were harden, a clear red was painted on them.

Side marker lamps were completed.

Fog Lamps and Small Lamps

As for fog lamps and small lamps, a refraction and a distortion by injection molding method stand out. I polished those parts with a sandpaper and compound.

Fog lamps were put up to the front grille, and small lamps were put to top areas of retractable headlights.

Rear Garnish

Clear red color was sprayed on the reverse side of rear garnish. "GTO" logo decal was pasted on the surface. Clear color was coated on it and a difference in level of decal was flattened by polishing with a sandpaper and compound.

Paste an aluminum kitchen tape to the rear garnish area of body.
Rear garnish was put to the body.

Diversity TV Antennas

Diversity TV antennas were scratch build with brass lines and brass pipes etc.
These are accessories of the car navigation system. It is not attached original Mitsubishi GTO.

They were painted and put on both side of the rear glass hatch.

Power Antenna

I shaved off the power antenna for radio molded to the body because it was obstructive to polish a body. And I scratch build with plastic rods and brass line.
I opened a small hole on a body, and put the power antenna.

license plates

This is a license plate for inside Japan. I replicated a press line frame with a masking tape cut finely.

I replicated the license number of my friend's cars. The top is front plate. It is fixed to a black half frame. The under is rear plate. Left bolt is covered with a seal cap.

Display Base

I made the name plate of metallic sticker with PC. (It's like a beer label...)

This metallic sticker was pasted on plastic board. And it was put on display base. The brick pattern is "Tamiya Diorama Sheet, Brick A".

Model was fixed to the display base with two bolts. Modeling period was about 2 months.

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