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Finemolds 1/72
How to build Mitsubishi A6M2B Zero Fighter Type 21

Step 2: Cockpit 1


Emergency manual hydraulic pump and plumbing were replicated of a brass tube and brass wire.
The electric cables were replicated by the same method, too.

Fuel tank door handle was replicated.

Fuel manual pump lever was replicated.

I have broken a foot ladder pedal part, and scratched build it.

Seat and Rear Bulkhead

Drilled the punching holes and put the photoetched parts "AA-3 1:72 IJN Aircraft Seat belt Set #2" from Finemolds.

Put the seat to the rear bulkhead. I remade the seat adjustment lever more sharply.

I painted the parts, and replicated the white soft wire which hung the suspension arms.

Instrument Panel

I added the oil cooling air intake shutter operation lever and a few modules.

Applied instrument decals. Airbrushed the semi gross clear paint.

Poured the gross clear paint into the instrument molds.

Type 98 Gun Sight

Gun sight is very small clear part.

I added the shading filter that was omitted.

Put the gun sight on the instrument panel.

Oxygen Bottle

I scratched build the oxygen bottles.

Painted and put to back of the Rear bulkhead.

Top view.

Core part of the cockpit was finished.

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