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Finemolds 1/72
How to build Mitsubishi A6M2B Zero Fighter Type 21

Step 1: Engine

Exhaust pipes and Intake pipes

Intake pipes to the front row cylinder are omitted.

I added them of the stretched sprues.

Exhaust pipes are same, too.

Test assembling.


The cable sockets on the ring tube are omitted. Iadded the cable sockets of brass tube.

Painted to the cylinder block. Drilled the plug holes to the cylinder heads, and inserted brass tubes in cylinder heads.

I assembled the engine block area parts.

I added the distributor cables of the fishing lines.

Next, I added the plug cables of the fine fishing lines.

Wiring work was finished.

Cowling Frames

The cowling frames of the kit are omitted. I made them of vinyl chloride sheet.

Paint and put them to the engine. Last step, put the exhaust pipes.

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