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Modeling the Panama Chocks
The web name "Phantom" who is the reader of this website and my friend taught me the good idea of how to make a panama chocks for modern ships model.

Many panama chocks are put on a ship. It is difficult to make many same sizes from a plastic sheet. With such a reason, I thought of the following idea.

Replica method of Panama Chocks by photoetch
This photoetch is necessary for this method.
  • Product name : Metal Belt (Circle Hole Narrow) Brass t=0.15mm
  • Maker : Fine Molds
  • Series : Fine Detail Accessories
  • Code number : AG06
  • Price : 1,300 yen (In countries other than Japan, the price will change for customs.)

I chose brass as this material because it had the following advantages.
  • More intensity than plastic.
  • Easy to shave.
  • Easy to mass-produce the same size parts.
  • Easy to attach because the attaching face is flat.


I used the belt part that have aperture 1.25mm holes, because it is almost matching to the size of 1/700 scale. I cut it to the trapezoid. When curvature occurs by cutting, it is corrected by pliers.

Edges cutting

I cut the edges of a top by a special scissors for photoetch. This scissors is Hasegawa product and very convenient tool because even the small part cut is possible.


I modified corrected the form of panama chocks in detail by shaving with a file.


I polished the surface of part with sandpaper and finished it.

Finished Example
Pit Road 1/700 scale JMSDF DD-131 Setoyuki (Hatuyuki class)

Bow area Helicopter Deck area

Fairleader by photoetch
Trial piece

Furthermore, I made a fairleader with oval hole type belt photoetch (AG08).

Contrast with IJN DD Kagero

I contrasted this original part and 1/700 scale IJN DD Kagero. Although this is small a little to the fairleaders for bow, it may be matching to ship's side one. Furthermore, this original part may be matching to smaller ships than destroyer.

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