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How to attach photoetched handrails
The most popular method (Side attaching)

This is a method photoetch handrail is attached in the side of the hull. handrail is glued to the hull. The difference in level between handrail and hull (yellow part of a left image ) is buried by putty. If it is polished the site with sandpaper, the difference in level will become flat. The shortcomings of this method are that the durability is weak. We must pay attention to handling.
Method that uses the runner of handrail as stake (Top attaching)

The handrail part is cut together even the runner. The runner is used as a stake. It is plugged to the deck that was opened the holes and be glued. The interval of the runner that becomes a stake is calculated and 0.3 mm holes in the same intervals as it the edge of deck are opened. Runner is plugged to the hole and be glued. This method is more stout than the above one. But, it is fragile after all, because it is a thin metal plate.
Method that inserts reinforcement material in the back of handrail
This is the method that I practiced. It is the method that uses a line as a reinforcement material The method is a characteristic to be more stout than the method that I introduced until now.

手摺りの取り付け方-1-The brass line is attached to the back of the prop of handrail so as not to be conspicuous. I measured the interval.

手摺りの取り付け方-2-I opened holes in the place that is attached the handrail and plugged 0.2mm brass lines there.

手摺りの取り付け方-3-I overlaid the prop of handrail into a brass line and glued. I put putty there, to delete the opening between handrail and adhesion part. The white part of the left image is so.

手摺りの取り付け方-4-I restored it by grinding the surface with sandpaper and this work was finished.

This is same image of upper one after painting. The difference in level of root of the handrail and brass line of the back's hardly conspicuous.

Comparison between modified handrail root and not one.
Modified handrail root (Akagi) Not modified handrail root (Kaga)
Like this example, The right image is better than left one.

The good idea product of Fine molds
The photoetch handrails for IJN warships from "Fine molds" is released three types of products, "IJN Vessels Guard Rails Set 1 Straight Chain type (AM-28)","IJN Vessels Guard Rails Set 2 Curve Chain type (AM-29)", and "IJN Vessels Guard Rails Set 3 Iron bar type (AM-30)", now. Those photoetchs have the good idea which the existing products do not have. It is a tab for sticking.
Straight Chain type
Curve Chain type
Iron bar type

English translation of the manual
  1. Please attach this handrail using a tab for sticking or the extended bar of fixation. It can be used properly as you need.
  2. Extended bar of fixation
  3. Tab for sticking
  4. When attaching by a tab for sticking,
  5. Please bend a tab for sticking and apply glue to a reverse-side.
  6. Cut.
  7. When holes are dug on the deck and handrail is fixed,
  8. Cut.
  9. Please dig 0.3mm holes ion the deck by pin vise and fix by super glue.

These are convenient products for the beginner and model builder weak of photoetch!

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