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Modeling the Fairleader

Fairleader is a mooring instrument and is attached to both sides of the bow and the sterns of warship. The casting of fairleader is imperfect in 1/700 scale warships model because it is the limit of injection molding. Fairleader is commercialized as photoetch. However, it can also be made from plastic sheet.
Dug about 1mm two holes in 0.5mm plastic sheet.

Connected two holes and made one ellipse hole.

Cut this to the form of fairleader by art knife.

As for the form of fairleader, several variations exist. We should choose the form which suited the ship.

Shaved the attaching position of fairleader. The left image is the example of the stern.

Attached the fairleader and restored the surface of the stern with putty.

The type which is united with the emblem board exists in fairleader of bow. In that case, I cut fairleader and emblem board together from 0.3mm plastic sheet.
If liquid putty is served on fairleader, it will become much more fine.

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