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Adding detail to IJN Boat and Cutter
I added detail to the 1/700 scale IJN motor boat, cutter, and launch parts those are bundled in the Waterline model series or sold separately as 1/700 Heavy Vessel Ordnance Set.

11m, 12m Motor Boat

Added the window frame of photoetched mesh. (Hasegawa Try Part Modeling Mesh 42 square-L)

Applied a pre-thinned putty around the window frame
Added the vents (funnels?) on the engine room of 0.2mm (0.008in) brass wires.

Made the handrail of photoetched mesh. (Finemolds: AE-18 Metal Mesh Square 09.) Cut the length of a poles alternate. long poles are tabs of glue.

Chiseled the ditches in the ship's side. Put the handrails and puttied to the ditches.

Put the seven side cushions of epoxy putty and the flagpoles and life ring. Painted it, and was completed.
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9m Cutter

Puttied the holes of bottom, and added the rudder of 0.3mm (0.012in) plastic sheet.

How to build an oar.

Slit a chip of 0.3mm (0.012in) plastic sheet, and inserted the 0.2mm (0.008in) brass wire in there.
Cut the chip in shape of an oar.

Sandpapered the oar to delete difference in face of brass wire and plastic chip.

Painted it, and was completed.

Oars and life ring were loaded on the cutter. It became further real cutter.

11m, 12m Motor Launch

Cut the rectangle mold on stern area.

Replicated the helm. steering wheel was made by same way as life ring.
Put the hand rail to stern. It is the photoetched mesh. (Hasegawa Try Part Modeling Mesh 42 square-L)

Put the eight side cushions of epoxy putty.
Painted it, and was completed. Put the flagpole, life ring, and rudder.

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