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How to attach antenna lines
The ship model that was attached antenna lines is beautiful! However, the line so thin that the work is never easy. Probably, many persons will be hesitating to it. I will introduce about material of line and how to attach to the antennas.

Material of antenna line
These are the material that can be used to antenna lines.
Fishing line
Fishing line This is the most general material as an antenna line for ships model at present. This line is so thin and strong that we don't have to worry about it breaks during the work. The caliber has many kinds and can match to the models of almost all scales. I will explain about a fishing line in detail in the next chapter.
Stretched Sprue
Roasted runner This is the way that is well-known from the old days as the material for antenna lines. We can make the line of diameter as we like. But it is so fragile that we must pay attention to this operation.
Panty stockings
Panty stockings Do not put on it! If you are a male, you may be suspected to be a transvestism person. :-) The line of the panty stockings that was loosened can be diverted to an antenna line for ships model. This line is so soft and rich in flexibility that it is possible to be attached without giving a load to the model. The line is usually curled. It must be attached in the condition that keep a strain on the line.
Dole hair
No image The straight type of custom hair for dole can be diverted to an antenna line for ships model. It is thin and strong. Furthermore it is convenient because it is already colored. The product can be got in a handicraft store. Although that materials are nylon, there is also silk.
Human hair
No image It can be diverted, if it is long black straight hair of a woman. An oriental's hair may be suitable for the material. But actually, since many people have mental resistance in using a part of human body, the case where it was used is rare. The woman model builder of my friend has used the hair of herself. She said that the intensity and durability were satisfactory at all.

About fishing line
It is the most popularity material in Japan now, and I am adopting it too. Those are nylon lines and price are cheap. The diameter of the line suitable for 1/700 scale is from about 0.05mm to 0.9mm. It may be good to use the diameter as you like.
Breaking Strain(lbs) 0.5 (8oz) 0.75 (12oz) 1 1.5 2
Diameter(mm) 0.05 0.06 0.07 0.08 0.09

Metal lines for Ayu
There is the custom that fishes freshwater species called Ayu(sweetfish) in Japanese fishing. Metal lines are mainly used in the underwater section of an Ayu fishing rig. This line is very thin. The line-up of diameter is from only 0.037mm to 0.9mm! It is very strong and not curling because it is metal material. Furthermore, it is already colored blackly. This is the best line as the antenna lines for ships model. Many Japanese professional model builders use this material. However, Metal line for Ayu may be difficult to be gotten in your country, because it may be a special line except for Japan. Please search in fishing shops.

About the glue
Super glue is used to it usually. The line-up has Liquid type and Jelly type. Those have each merit and demerit. I can not decide which is suited to this work. It may be good to use as you like.
Liquid type
merit: It is difficult to occur the lumps of glue.
demerit: The small object like the line is difficult to be attached.
Jelly type
merit: The small object is easy to be attached. because the glue has viscosity.
demerit: It is easy to occur the lumps of glue.

I use liquid type super glue because the finishing surface is more beautiful than jelly type. Furthermore I concomitantly use the hardening material for super glue to obtain sufficient strength.

VOLKS INC. is the Japanese garage kits maker and also vendor that release the high quality Japanimation characters figures and original dolls. Is the product of the same nature as this sold also in your country? If it is not sold, the spray type hardening material that is sold in home center etc can substitute it. Please search in your surroundings.

Attaching form
Division form
This is the form that line is cut and attached between each sections.
  • Merit: When the line is broken, that repair is easy. because only the line of the section is exchanged. The part is difficult to break because the thread that broke absorbs the impact
  • Demerit: The parts which gather many lines becomes dirty for the lumps of glue.

Bundle form
This is the form that antenna line is linked by 1 line as much as possible.
  • Merit: The attaching surface is finished beautifully because the quantity of glue is more little than division form. The line is strong because it dose not have a joint.
  • Demerit: When 1 place of antenna line is broken, you must repair all of them. The parts may break instead of the line when it breaks.

In the case of me, I am always choosing Bundle form.

Process of attaching the lines
This is my work process. Used material is nylon fishing line, super glue is liquid type, sample model is Hasegawa 1/700 scale IJN CV Kaga.

The nylon line is curled, because it is wound on reel. I stretched it on a wire hanger and went out of curl by warming with the dryer or soak in hot water. Furthermore, the color is painted in this condition. If the line is metal line, this process isn't need.

Attached super glue a little to the first point. I am using it by always transferring glue to a sharp stick because there are few failures.

Attached the line to (B), stretching it lightly. The direction of the line faces to upper because the next point is radio mast. Such a reason, I attached it into the under face of (B), because the burden of attaching point is decreased.

Attached the line to the radio mast point (C). When the line is stretched too much strongly to the mast may be distorted. Furthermore, it may sag to the line that parallels to it Let's pay attention to the adjustment of tension.

Attached the line to the signal mast point (D). Many lines so concentrate to this point that I attached it. Many lines so concentrate to this point that care should be taken not to break there.

I finished it by repeating these work. The length of the lines had better be divided appropriately. If the line missed from the point in midway work, it will become a very unhappy case. As for the cutter knife that cuts the line, let's use a new edge without fail. If you use old edge, unnecessary power will add to this cut. As a result, the line may miss from the point as soon as it cut.
If the lump of glue is conspicuous, let's shave it by art knife. If it is shaved too much the line may miss. Be prudent! Last, I touched up the paint that came off with these work. Let's materialize the beautiful antenna lines like a spider's web!

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