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How to make Loop antenna
Loop antennaThe loop antenna is equipped to many IJN ships and aircraft. However, the ring-part of plastic model kit is not hollow. It is a plastic lump. It spoils precision very much.
A loop antenna part is also made with photoetch. However, it is expensive.
I propose the way to make of loop antenna in this page. Yet, It is the job that the precision is demanded that I can not recommend it to clumsy person.

The loop antenna of quantity product

Plastic-kit Parts
Plastic-kit Parts
the ring-part of plastic model kit is not hollow. The prop is a trapezoid. The form is a plastic lump. Probably I think this form is expressing the tension wire. It is due to the limit of plastic injection system.

Photoetch partsPhotoetch paets

This Loop antenna is the appendix of "IJN Aircraft Parts Set" fine-molds production. It is belonging only 2 pieces. If we need many parts, we must add and purchase it.

Making process of loop antenna

Process 1 Process 1

Coiled a 0.2 mm (0.008 in) brass wire to the rod such as a microdrill edge. In the case of 1/700 scale, about 1.2 mm (0.048 in) diameter drill is fitting.

Process 2 Process 2

This is the image of the brass wire that was coiled. When coiled the brass wire 2 or 3 turns, a loop antenna parts can be made 1 set.

Process 3 Process 3

The edge of the straight line part and circle part were bent to the right angle with a cutting-pliers.

Process 4 Process 4

It is the enlargements image to this process. The brass wire is coiled like a spring. You will be able to confirm that crease of the right angle.

Process 5 Process 5

The coil part of the dotted line that was marked to this image was cut.

Process 6 Process 6

when cut the coil, 1 ring part and 1 key part were made. Don't close joints of the ring.

Process 7 (Completion!) Process 7 (Completion!)

Two parts were combined alternately. Those joining department were glued with super glue. It is completion. Please cut the prop to suitable length.

Example for use Example for use

This is the island of KAGA. The detail is precise better than the parts of the kit. It is not the low quality, even if it is compared with photoetch. Moreover, this is more stout than a photoetch.

It may be difficult to make well from the beginning. I recommend that practices repeatedly. If you does it, you will make good loop antenna parts. You will get used to it gradually.
The cost is also considerably cheaper than the photoetch.

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