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Detailing a Tire

Blot out a cast line

A rubber tire of model have a cast line on center of tread. This poor ditail is spoiled us.

The cast line can be shaved off by a sandpaper. Be careful not to delete the corners of tread pattern together.

This photo is after the modify. Since this is very easy work, I recommend trying.

put a gloss to tire
Most easy effect of a tire is put a gloss to it.
If the tire wax that is sold in car-shop or home-center is coated to the tire, it will put a gloss on like a new tire. It is much more effective for the car that the tire is exposing from body like a formula machine. I used it "Armor All Protectant" from ARMOR ALL Products in USA.
Before tire use wax After use tire wax

Addition of detail
If the scale of the model is 1/12, we will be able to make more details.
If a head of setting pin was cut and pasted on wheel, It will be seen like air valve of tire.
If the model is a racing car, It will be able to added marking, Tag seal and adjustment ballast etc.

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