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Refine of interior
Car model is made a catalog model as sample. Such a reason, the interior is simple. If you are the person who has one car you should understand, as for the inside of our@car, some after-parts and accessories that we bought in car-shop are attached to it. If those are introduced to a car model, it will have the indication of a person.

Floor carpet
Floor carpet is not belonging to the kit. the model will become more fine if it is reproduced by using the material that resembles. Sandpaper, suede, special paper etc.
Engine key
Engine key can be made with plastic paper or diversion parts of photoetch etc. If key holder is also made, it will become furthermore good. The engine key of right image is attached red key holder.
Side Sill Guard
For door opened mechanism model. I used inner paper of cigaret box.
If the windshield is polished with sandpaper and compound it will become more transparent. And if the upper part of windshield is sprayed smoke clear color by air-brush The half-sun-shade of windshield will be reproduced.
If you make custom car, let's try to add some meters and Boost controller etc. Those wiring are consulted an automobile magazine.
Half sheet cover
The material is tissue paper or thin Japanese paper etc.
Cup holder, Tissue paper case, Cushion, Child sheet, etc.

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