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Removal technic of the dust that was attached by spraying
It is possible remove the dust that was attached during the paint of the model.
Let's explain the method by using the bonnet parts of mazda RX-7 (FC3S) model.

The image of the part that dust has mixed with the coating surface. If it is the symptom like this, We do not need to eliminate the color with thinner. let's dry the part about one day over.

By shaving the coating surface with #1000 sandpaper (finishing abrasive) the dust is eliminated. I attached masking-tape to the corners to prevent that it are shaved too much. I did this work with the sandpaper that was moistened with water

After I peeled the masking-tape, I polished the coating surface with the #2000 sandpaper. Be careful so that the color of corners does not come off.

Furthermore, when it was polished with the compound this work was finished. The beautiful coating surface without dust was completed like a left image.
This method is the case where a lacquer (Oily acrylic) color is used. In the case of an enamel color, a color may separate from surface because durability of enamel color is weaker than lacquer color.

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