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Polish the Clear Parts

The polish of a clear part is one of the technique to make a beautiful model. A clear part becomes more clear by the work. And it is effective in deleting a flaw. If the quality of clear part is bad by flaw, sink mark or weld mark etc, it It can repair to some extent by polishing.


This is the windshield part of Fujimi 1/24 Lamborghini Countach. There is the weld mark in the right side as you face it.

Polished the surface with #1200 - 1500 sandpaper.

Next, polished with #2000 sandpaper. It became the frosted glass and the weld mark was deleted.

Polished the surface with a soft cloth put a compound for plastic model. Facial tissue can be used as a substitute for it. I used the Tamiya Polishing Compound "Coarse".

It became the light frosted glass.

Next, polished the surface with the Tamiya Polishing Compound "Fine". It was restored to clear.

Finally, polished the surface with the Tamiya Polishing Compound "Finish". It became more clear.

It seems to be a real windshield because refractive indexes decreased drastically by polishing.

Clear part is easy to be cracked than colored part. When polishing the clear parts, be careful not to gain too much power!

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