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1/700 scale Scratch Build
Small Diorama model "The attacking trio of Pearl Harbor"

Work date: June, 2002

A6M2(ZEKE) Zero Fighter Model21
I bored the muzzle of the 20mm machine gun. I remodeled the form of the spinner and the engine cowl.
D3A1(VAL) Type99 Carrier Bomber
I attached the dive brake to this small bomber model.

B5N2(KATE) Type97 Carrier Attacker
I attached the torpedo to this model with the angle of right and top inclination. It is the same as a real.
I bored the center of the engine cowl. Furthermore I made the mechanism that the propeller turns. These are the new attempt that input it to all.

The bulletproof mantle was made from epoxy putty. The wire that ties it is 0.09mm fishing line. I went through hardships to express the softness of the mantle. I remade it 4 times.

Airplane command place which protruded in the island front was made newly. Telescope, Ladder and Loop-antenna were made newly.

The wooden deck is as high quality as the AKAGI's one that was repainted. The size contrast with floppy disk. It is very small !

About the Model
This model is the prize that I presented to the 100,000th visitor of this website. I made this model specially for you who are seeing this site usually.
This model was given to the person who the display of the access counter on the top page was 100,000.
The successful candidate was Mr. Ango of Osaka, Japan. It was in July 9, 2002, Congratulations!

The successful candidate of this present was Mr. Anogo in Osaka, Japan. Congratulations Mr. Anogo! I attached the instruction that was drawn by me to this kit. )

The Photograph from Mr. Anogo.

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